Welcome to the TRAIN Cardano stake pool


We promise to do everything in our power to keep our stake pool up and running 24/7.

We follow industry standard best security practices to help mitigate risk and we are always looking for ways to improve performance and monitoring.

We provide detailed status updates in our 'DELEGATOR NEWS' section below.

We answer all questions honestly and promptly.

We pledge to only run one single pool and support pushing the decentralization and real world value of Cardano to the limit.

TRAIN is a bare metal Cardano stake pool powered by Dell PowerEdge servers running ubuntu over at&t fiber. No part of our stake pool is hosted in the cloud and all unnecessary ports are closed.

Our Pool ID:  
✓ Relay One  ✓ Relay Two  ✓ Block Producer  ✓ Network  ✓ 24/7 Monitoring 
All systems GO, but we need your delegation! Your support helps decentralize the Cardano network.


We support the community with our own SPO Bootstrap program and development projects such as PoolPeek.com.

Please support our efforts and consider delegating to TRAIN.

Donation Receipts to The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF)

04/20/21   04/05/21   03/31/21   03/26/21   03/21/21   03/16/21   03/11/21   03/06/21   03/01/21   02/24/21   02/19/21   02/14/21   02/09/21   02/04/21   01/30/21  

Lifetime Donation Total: $947.00 USD

Our pool costs are set to the minimum of 340 ADA and our margin is at 2%. Our operating costs are low and our pool is 100% sustainable at 1% right now. We are not running our stake pool to make huge profits, we run our pool because we believe in Cardano and want to support the true decentralization of the network.

It's true that smaller stake pools will not be assigned as many slots and thus mint less blocks than larger pools.
Please realize that some luck is involved for any pool to mint a block, but over time things should even out.
Keep in mind that when TRAIN does mint a block, nearly all the rewards will be spread across the small number of delegators.

We have had high returns on stake (ROS) of 42.65%, 30.58% and 25.77%, small pools can produce huge rewards if you give us a chance!

TRAIN is seeking delegators that want to be part of smaller pools now and grow with them over the epochs to come.



If you stake your ADA with TRAIN, you could earn a return on your investment.
Cardano addresses have separate keys for spending and staking.
If you decide to stake your ADA tokens, they will never leave your wallet.
Your tokens are not locked, you can spend your tokens at any time.
Your ADA is never at risk when you delegate.
You always remain in control of your funds.
Stake from phone or hardware wallet.
Generate Passive Income!
The worst case scenario is a pool does not generate rewards.
  • For delegated stake to become Active stake it takes the current epoch + 1 full epoch.
  • For example, stake delegated during epoch 212 will not be part of Active stake until the beginning of epoch 214.
  • This is why it might make sense to wait until near the end of the current epoch to switch pools.
  • There is no advantage to switching pools in the middle of the epoch.
  • If the pool you are staking with out performs expectations near the end of the epoch, you may change your mind and not want to leave the pool.
  • If you are staking with TRAIN and change pools now, you will still earn rewards with TRAIN until your stake is active in your new pool.
We are committed to never running more than a single stake pool and support true decentralization of the Cardano network.
A good stake pool is one that stays up and running 24/7, is well connected to the network and is available to mint blocks when called upon. It's really that simple.


We believe it's important to have a UPS and backup generator during those rare times we lose power. Our first line of defense is a CyberPower 1500VA Battery Back-Up System. This ensures seamless power to our pool and router during short duration power outages, spikes and drops. For outages that last longer, we have a RYOBI 2300 backup generator that powers our main relay, block producer, monitor and router. Our generator provides 1800 running watts of power and the total estimated power needed to run our pool during a power outage is 1155 watts: (2) Dell servers: 550 watts each, (1) Fiber Router: 20 watts and (1) LCD Monitor: 35 Watts. Our generator provides us with plenty of additional power, above that being used to host the pool, for lighting and other accessories. Our backup power system was throughly tested and refined during the week of 2/15/2021 when San Antonio had one of the worst cold spells and snow storms the city has ever seen. We proved our power system could reliably keep our pool up and running during numerous power outages.


24/7 monitoring is essential for any professionally run, reliable stake pool. Our servers are listed above with a green ✓ or red ✗ status that is automatically updated every 5 minutes. Click this green button anytime to peek in on our stake pool's status. We keep track of the time, previous block height and current block height. If block height stops increasing or the time since the last reported height is more then 5 minutes, our monitoring software will send us a priority 'pool alert' email. When a pool alert occurs, a loud 'warning' sound also plays through a speaker every 10 seconds until dismissed. The warning is loud enough to wake us in the middle of the night if needed! We also report block height to .  Click the blue button and look for the green 'Height' box on PoolTool.


PoolPeek.com is a Cardano stake pool explorer that analyzes the publicly available registration data and other data elements such as number of produced blocks.

We recently teamed up with the owner of the Shamrock Staking Pool and released our minimum viable product. We typically release updates once or twice a week.

If you would like to support our development efforts on PoolPeek.com, please consider delegating to the TRAIN or SHA Cardano stake pools.


Please visit CardanoBudz.com where you can view the latest progress on my Cardano NFTs.


  We minted our first block ever in epoch 212.
This was a very exciting moment as it confirmed our system is setup correctly and is well connected to other nodes in the network. All the hard work we put into setting up the stake pool and network paid off.

Block: 4584799
Epoch: 212
Slot: 171899
Time: August 20th 2020, 4:29:50 pm
Hash: feac048d276578f3e92cfeb1a42ec7703f88aa031582e84a115ea0fff54c8ad7
Size: 316
Tx Count: 1


We support the true decentralization of the Cardano network and believe small pools are a vital part of it.
After our 10th lifetime block we will randomly rotate a delegation of ADA to a small stake pool.

Pool criteria is as follows:
  • Must be a single pool with one owner
  • Must have less than 5 lifetime blocks
Delegation schedule:

  Epoch Pool(s)
  234 to 237 CHRTY  DAP
  237 to 240 CSS
  240 to 243 BRAVE
  243 to 246 SOON
  246 to 249 TTS17
  249 to 252 GAIA
  252 to 255 MAIN
⇾  255 - Until Block #1 EAGLE

Note: We are no longer accepting requests for future delegations. We have changed our program to rotate our delegation based on our criteria, personal preference and some luck.


If you operate a Cardano stake pool, please consider adding our relays to your topology.

{"addr": "", "port": 3005, "valency": 1}

{"addr": "", "port": 3005, "valency": 1}

All opinions are our own and do not constitute financial advice in any way whatsoever.
Nothing published by us constitutes an investment recommendation.
We strongly recommend you perform your own independent research before making any financial decisions.


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  Please consider staking your ADA with a small stake pool, we need your support!
Your support keeps operators engaged and helps the Cardano ecosystem.